Russell Brand's epic public takedown of GQ, London's Mayor, and Hugo Boss supplying the Nazis

At the recent GQ awards in London, Russell Brand went apeshit on London Mayor Boris Johnson for making a flippant comment about Syria, then on GQ for being OK with Genocide Quips, and then finally extended it to GQ sponsor Hugo Boss for working with the Nazis (apparently true). 

From his column in The Guardian:

The jokes about Hugo Boss were not intended to herald a campaign to destroy them. They're not Monsanto or Halliburton, the contemporary corporate allies of modern-day fascism; they are, I thought, an irrelevant menswear supplier with a double-dodgy history. The evening, though, provided an interesting opportunity to see how power structures preserve their agenda, even in a chintzy microcosm.

Subsequent to my jokes, the evening took a peculiar turn. Like the illusion of sophistication had been inadvertently disrupted by the exposure. It had the vibe of a wedding dinner where the best man's speech had revealed the groom's infidelity. With Hitler.

He was subsequently thrown out of the party. But frankly the takedown was rather awesome. And his message I agree with:
I do have some good principles picked up that night that are generally applicable: the glamour and the glitz isn't real, the party isn't real, you have a much better time mucking around trying to make your mates laugh. I suppose that's obvious. We all know it, we already know all the important stuff, like: don't trust politicians, don't trust big business and don't trust the media. Trust your own heart and each another. When you take a breath and look away from the spectacle it's amazing how absurd it seems when you look back.
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