Malibu homeowners who hide access to beautiful beaches foiled by $30K Kickstarter campaign

Can you believe it? Malibu homeowners intentionally obscure public beach access areas with fake signs and hidden access. This is not only ridiculously selfish, it is illegal.

Enter this Kickstarter campaign that just reached its goal of raising $30,000

We've made an app that'll show you exactly where each public access point is up and down the Malibu Coast. It helps you park – ID those fake cones and fake garages. It tells you which signs you can smile at and ignore.

It even walks you down each beach – house-by-house – to show you where on each beach you hang all day on the dry sand.

Cuz even though the courts have ruled over and over and over and over to allow public access, finding and using these beaches is still really tough

The Internet FTW!